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Feng Shui for the Home and Garden

Balance your environment

Balance the Home

The home environment is the most familiar recipient of the Feng Shui art of energy balancing. It could also be considered the most important environment to balance since we spend a lot of time there, especially the room in which we sleep, our bedrooms. My Feng Shui consultation for the inside of your home can help you begin the steps to living in balance.

Country Hotel

Balance your Garden

A Feng Shui garden or landscape is just as important as the inside of your home. Spending time outside is as important to our health as exercise, so make sure your landscape and even your vegetable garden is balanced to make that outdoor time even more enjoyable and in the case of the veg garden, more productive.

Stone Water Fountain

Balance your Office

Outside of the bedroom, the place many of us spend a great deal of time is in the office. Whether it is a home office or an office outside the home, a cubicle or a spacious executive office, Feng Shui can make that space more comfortable and productive.

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